21 Blackjack Movie

The game of blackjack has been so successful over the years that it has not only be present on all the gambling halls of the big casinos around the world. Spilling in Las Vegas in the best casinos or claiming in Europe centuries ago, literally invading the casinos of the internet where you can play blackjack in different versions. With all the existing variants, blackjack has also captured the world of cinema, inspiring production of several movies that talk about it, and all over the recent 21 Blackjack movie.

Movie with Kevin Spacey

21 blackjack is definitely a beautiful blackjack movie directed by Robert Luketic, with cast members of the cast, such as Kevin Spacey as Micky Rosa math teacher, and Laurence Fishburne acting as the casino security manager, Cole Williams, who seems to have outstanding accounts with the aforementioned professor.

Among blackjack movies, certainly 21 Blackjack is one of those that make you dream more, undoubtedly for the atmosphere you can recreate. Las Vegas casino atmosphere with the eyes of young guys who come to live a ‘surreal experience’, who find themselves winning more than they would ever believe to get to own, and in a few words live and make the viewers live a dream.

Story about college students

But apart of all, the 21 blackjack movie makes it dream because it is from a true story, the story of a group of college students who follow the math course with their passionate blackjack professor. This brilliant teacher discovers the special talent of one of his kids and wants him in the team instead of someone who for unclear reasons wanted to leave

So the adventure of Ben Campbell starts, when he enters to the team perhaps to get closer to the girl from whom he is attracted to – Jill Taylor. With her and her new blackjack enthusiast group, he starts practicing card counting, a very effective practice to win at blackjack game, however casinos does now allow to use. Obviously the group of prof. Rosa knows what they need to do and how to apply math to counting cards in blackjack. Youngsters managed to collect a team where everyone has a very precise role in counting the cards to bring home the sumptuous sums.

Final verdict

Not all goes in the right direction and in this blackjack movie, the morality of the main characters seems to be not clear at some point . You also have to know how and when to stop yourself with what you won already without trying too much luck. Overall, 21 blackjack is a great movie, a must for any blackjack enthusiast, but also a nice and interesting production for any good movie lover.